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Trained in human rights law and former sollicitor in a law firm, I have had the pleasure to dedicate myself to my passion for teaching for ten years, offering private tuition in French literature and philosophy to students from the Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle, the Lycée International Winston Churchill and the school Jeannine Manuel in London.


Every year, I prepare Première students (equivalent to AS level) for the mandatory written and oral exams in French for the Baccalauréat. During those sessions, I work on the transfer of knowledge, but I also coach these teenagers to help them gain in self-confidence and speak easily in front of an examiner.


Over the years, I frequently offered guidance to my students as they worked on their TPE, both in terms of content and of presentation. 

In 2020, the Baccalauréat underwent a radical transformation with the addition of the Grand Oral, a public speaking exam, henceforth giving a prominent place to oral communication.


The mastery of discourse and public speaking being at the core of my dual career path, future Bacheliers will benefit both from my expertise as a private tutor in French literature and from my watchful eye as a woman of Law, to excel in this unprecedented exercise at the end of their final high school year (Terminale).

Marguerite VIEIRA

During the last ten years, I have been teaching mathematics, physics, and chemistry as a private tutor to students from the Lycée français Charles de Gaulle, the Lycée français international Winston Churchil and the Imperial College. I also have had the pleasure of teaching scientific translation as a visiting lecturer at the University of Westminster since 2018.


Since the beginning of my studies, oral communication has had an important place thanks to the one-hour oral exams taken weekly at the Lycée Henri IV in Paris where I studied at undergraduate level.

After graduating with a master’s in aerospace engineering, I worked for two years and a half for a subcontractor to Airbus and Thales Alenia Space. This professional experience strengthened my belief that communication is a crucial skill to succeed in any endeavour, a skill unfortunately too often underestimated in the scientific world.

Wishing to combine my interest in languages to my passion for science, I came to London to study at the University of Westminster, graduating with a Master in Translation and Interpretation. Subsequently, I worked as an Interpreter for the NHS. This allowed me to explore in depth the art of communication, both between human begins and between different cultures.

My atypical path mixing science and linguistics has given me a unique vision of communication processes. Following the recent reform; these skills have become crucial for academic success, and I wish to share all these experiences with my students to empower them with the best tools for both their personal and professional lives.

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