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Moyenne : 18,25 et écart-type : 2,96

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L'avis des parents :

The concept behind the change.

The recent overhaul of the French education system, undertaken by the French Department of Education, followed the main recommendations of the 2018 Mathiot report. Said report widely insisted on the importance of placing public speaking at the heart of the curriculum.


The new examination format of the Baccalauréat is focused on the future and aims to better prepare students for their undergraduate studies. 


Consequently, the objective of this exam is to equip the candidates with essential skills for the success of the professional ambitions : speaking in public, expressing themselves clearly (content and style), debating using their knowledge, researching efficiently and thinking critically.

The examination proces


According to the Bulletin officiel spécial n° 2 from February, 13th 2020 (Official journal from the Department of Education), the exam lasts 20 minutes in total and includes three parts: a speech by the candidate (5 min), an interview with the candidate (10 min) and finally, a discussion with the candidate about their professional project (5min).

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